Enterprise slogan

Continuous innovation think what you think

Corporate purposes

Provide customers with safe and efficient electrical connections and intelligent manufacturing solutions, products and services through continuous innovation and lean management

corporate vision

Wèi kèhù jí hángyè chuàngzào gèng duō kě chíxù jiàzhí wèi yuángōng jí shēnghuó zhù zào gèng duō kěnéng hé měihǎo 30/5000 Create more sustainable value for customers and the industry Create more possibilities and beauty for employees and life

Our Mission

Customer first, integrity and efficiency make time more valuable Division of labor and collaboration, continuous self-improvement, making complexity simple

cultural activity

Corporation value

Green and efficient Continuous innovation Lean management Service value

Staff Code of Conduct

Trustworthy, pragmatic, efficient and obedient
Communicate, share, take responsibility and make decisions
Fair care, enterprising, hard work

cultural activity

Zige Electric and Zige Automation
The company continues to invest in cultural construction and employee activities.
We hope that the work and life of our employees are very happy, and they will be happy after work!