Since its establishment, the company has always implemented the quality policy of “full life cycle management, whole process quality control, all-round customer satisfaction and all-fields continuous improvement” to constantly improve management to provide high quality products and services for customers. The company constantly integrates and perfects all systems, insists on evaluating enterprise and product risk and opportunities and makes efforts to reduce all kinds of risks of enterprise business activities to establish a long-term mechanism for enterprise sustainable development.

Safety production is weightier than Mount Tai. Always be committed to harmonious development of production and management with health, safety and environment and treat it as the precondition of all business conduction; constantly improve and promote HSE system and performance; create an all staff participation and self-management safety cultural atmosphere and make great efforts to create an safe, high quality and healthy work environment for customers, business partners and employees.

Social responsibility

Focus on sustainable development; actively fulfill social responsibility;
provide safe and high quality products and serve through constant innovation and lean management;
the company insists innovation-driven to realize green development;
pay attention to intellectual property; insists public welfare establishments and give back to the society with love;
pay attention to employee growth; care for employees' families;
adhere to the people-oriented principle and achieve harmonious development.